Pay for Performance

Pay Only For Results



We understand that you may have explored options for growing your business in the past, and that you may not have not seen the results you were looking for. There are over 150,000 MBA’s granted each and every year and there are Small Business Development Centers in almost every city across the United States offering FREE business counseling. There are over 450,000 business consultants and coaches who claim to be able to grow your company, but the vast majority of them make less than $30,000/year themselves. You can Google any business topic on the internet to find advice on how to operate and grow a business and yet, the number of businesses that fail have only gone up over the last 50 years.

Why is this the case? There is one simple conclusion that we can draw from these facts: Business owners lack access to the right information, resources, and consultancy to truly next level their business.


This is where a lot of business owners either make massive strides or experience catastrophic failure.  They either trust the wrong people to help guide the overall direction and exit strategy of their business, or they take a leap of faith and trust the right people who end up being instrumental in their meteoric growth.  The challenge is that if you have tried to trust before and were unsuccessful, then you are most likely reluctant to try again.  Or, perhaps you simply don’t know who to trust. Many businesses have failed because the entrepreneur stopped seeking help from highly qualified business consultants due to the failed results in a previous consulting experience, or because they don’t know where to turn for help.


Our services translate to millions of dollars in improvements to our average client, and the value we bring to our clients’ businesses warrants large upfront fees. We know that, as do our clients. But we don’t want past experiences or concern about costs to cloud the judgement and decision to work with empruV. We do not choose to spend our time trying to sell our services; we instead choose to spend it working with clients to build value in their businesses. That is why our pricing model is “Performance Based”. This allows a business owner to engage in our services with NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET.  We have so much confidence in our experience and ability to build value within your organization that we are committed to working with select clients without asking for upfront out of pocket fees.

Our promise is to reduce your expenses, add money to your bottom line, and show you how to grow your revenues and the enterprise value of your company. We have done this for many years and have helped thousands of clients using this same approach.  We are able to do it using a proprietary methodology that is broken down into a system that we call our Value Creation Program.


We know very well that what you want and need is MORE SALES that translate into MORE MONEY.

What we also understand is that, although this is very important—sometimes even critical and time sensitive, the true need is to improve the overall value of the business. That includes, but is not limited to, growing sales and revenue.  By taking a more comprehensive approach in building the value of your company, we are focusing intently on the short term NEEDS of the business, while aligning those with long term GOALS. By paying attention to the long term goals, often referred to as the “Exit Strategy,” we work to ensure that your needs are met long after you leave the business. This is why such a comprehensive approach is needed and recommended.