empruV Launching 3 New Radio Shows

Empruv is excited to announce the launch of its 3 new radio shows under its media division Empruv Media which will air on on Business Radio Networks, a network under the World Radio Networks Banner. These shows which include The CEO Spotlight Radio Show with Howard Fox, Business Leaders Radio with Amy Toepper and Strictly Business Radio with Mike Smela will be welcome additions to the 70 shows under the World Radio Network family which already receive upwards of 30 million podcast downloads each and every month.

According to Jason Garey, CEO of Empruv, these new shows and their hosts represent a whole new paradigm shift in business talk radio. “We understand that small businesses are representative of most businesses in the world in that they just want to be heard and we know that if we focus on them, bring exposure to their businesses and provide them an enjoyable experience that this type of format will not only appeal to the listening audience who thirsts for such content but also the business owners we get a chance to meet an interview who deserve to be heard”.

These shows are slated to launch February 8th and can be heard live and on demand by going to

  • 15 Jan, 2016
  • admin

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