Expense Reduction

empruV Value Creation System

Our Proprietary empruV Value Creation System is comprised of two programs. Once you move into the second program there are phases that typically take place over a one year span of time.


Expense reduction is one of the fastest ways to improve your bottom line. The challenge is that finding the right opportunities to reduce expenses can be very difficult and time consuming, even for CPA’s, accountants, and CFO’s, because they are focused on their responsibilities, rather than opportunities.

We will begin with an expense reduction analysis, looking at several ways to save your business money. Then, for the next two years we will continually monitor the various opportunities that arise so that your business never misses an opportunity to improve the bottom line.

Our efforts are typically concentrated in the general running of the business, rather than the outside opportunities. In fact, our firm has a 97% success rate in finding savings opportunities within businesses; even those that have an in-house accountant or CFO.

There are no upfront costs for these services; empruV gets compensated only if we are able to save or find your business money.

Expense Reduction Categories

  • Communications
  • Equipment Expense
  • Financials
  • Freight
  • Insurance
  • Products
  • Services
  • Supplies
  • Utilities
  • Waste

Industry Expertise

  • Broadcasting and Entertainment
  • Construction
  • Distribution and wholesale
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Non Profit
  • Professional services
  • Real estate development
  • Restaurant and hospitality
  • Retail
  • Warehousing and logistics