EmpruV Partnership Program

EmpruV Partnership Program

Are You A B2B Professional Who:

  • Is NOT satisfied with your current income
  • Would like to offer additional services to your clients
  • Is tired of trying the old ways of finding new clients
  • Wants a better life for you and your family
  • Knows you need to separate yourself from your competition
  • Doesn’t want to get too far away from your core business

One of the divisions of Empruv is our media division which owns a internet radio network. We are seeking B2B professionals that deal with clients with revenues that exceed $1 million but ideally like to work with companies that have revenues between $5 million and $50 million.

Hosting your own radio show gives you the chance to leverage the power of getting to decision makers much faster by asking them to be on a radio show to free exposure as opposed to your traditional “Me-Too” Marketing strategies.
We know radio very well. The team over at World Radio Networks, A subsidiary of Empruv manage over 70 shows and we have a turnkey operation from developing shows, building out websites, hosting shows with live board operators, broadcasting shows and most importantly marketing these shows to targeted audiences.

The Opportunity

We are willing to fully underwrite the costs of your radio show, its production, broadcasting, podcasting and marketing if you are willing to refer just one business with at least $5 million in revenue that engages are expense reduction services.

Revenue Share

If no conflict of interest exists between you and your client, we are also offering a revenue share in exchange for the referral.

We’ve been leveraging radio for many years and know the power of using it to engage prospective clients.  Now you can have your cake and eat it to. Watch Kevin’s video and then fill out your information to get access to our 20 minute on demand webinar that will take a much deeper dive into the opportunity.  You can also check out world radio networks at www.worldradionetworks.com

The Two Pieces

Empruv-Expense-Reduction-LogoExpense Reduction

World-Radio-Networks-LogoWorld Radio Networks