EmpruV Franchise

Empruv-Franchise-Group-LogoEmpruv’s Franchise Development Program

Our franchise joint venture program allows us to partner with great business owners who have a unique concept and invest the capital needed to fully develop, launch and market their business into a fully operational franchise. With our expertise we will help a business owner at every step along the way from building out the model to selling the franchises. Additionally, because we have a financial interest, we will work with you to strategically drive the business.

Comprehensive Franchise Development Plan

There are certain steps we will need to take to mitigate risk and increase our chances for maximum success. Proper development and implementation are critical. When we are finished, you will be ready to sell franchises, legally, organizationally, profitably, and systematically. Please note that we do much more than just prepare the necessary franchise documents. You will find that we will do more for you than many other consultants, investors and partners.

  • Preparation and approval of the franchise document (fdd)
  • Writing and finalization of the franchise agreement.
  • Preparation of and completion of your franchise operations manual
  • Complete marketing program and materials
  • Be ready to sell franchises in as little as 6 weeks!
  • Assistance with selection of the franchising name.
  • Consultation to select the legal structure for the franchise entity.
  • Legal review of the completed franchise documents.
  • Assistance in determining the optimum designated territory.
  • Competitive intelligence research so you know about other franchises like yours.
  • Competitive intelligence research so you know about other franchises like yours.
  • Free commercial photography for your marketing materials.
  • Internet advertising and marketing guidance.
  • Consultation to determine the marketing scope: international, national, regional, or local.
  • Guidance in establishing the initial target geographies.
  • Consulting service to determine and develop the unique offer.
  • Guidance in the variables of your franchise program: fees, royalties, length of contract, etc.
  • Method of handling franchise inquiries, including initial and in-depth applications.
  • Assistance in determining the optimum designated territory.
  • Create and issue press release.
  • Marketing materials for email response to inquiries.
  • Over 30 consultations that we have written, reference material on running a franchise program.
  • Establishment of the franchisee support system.
  • Design of the franchisee evaluation program.
  • A broad range of consulting services are included to strengthen your organization.
  • Assistance and guidance on how to sell franchises!
  • Ongoing franchise consulting
  • Exposure on radio networks