Business Matchmakers



Business Matchmakers is a FREE online community similar to Linkedin with a HUGE twist. Our researchers will evaluate your profile and identify ideal client or partner matches with laser-like accuracy. We will then send you a personalized email with the name of the match and exactly why they are a good match.  By clicking on the name within the email, you’ll be re-directed to their profile inside the Business Matchmakers Community.  After they accept your request to chat, you can then communicate with them real-time using instant message, click to call, or send a private message. No more sending or waiting to receive emails, inmails or snail mail. Communicate with who you want, when you want.

We have several other features such as an online marketplace and weekly webinars by celebrity business guests. If you want to grow your business, you’d be foolish not to join Business Matchmakers. Click here to get started today.