Message From Our Co-Founders

An original Shark on ABC's Shark Tank; the pioneer of the Infomercial; and the powerhouse behind products like Jack Lalanne's Juicer, Tony Little's Fitness Equipment, and George Foreman's Grill-- with combined sales well into the billions. Empruv co-founder, Kevin Harrington along with Jason Garey, a former business consultant for Tony Robbins whose work shaped multi-billion dollar international companies offers this simple yet powerful insight.

"It's very simple--get help when and where you need it. Some of the biggest mistakes we see made by business owners around the world include being too proud to seek help, refusing to justify the cost of an experienced consultant, and carrying the bitter taste of being burned by bad advice." At Empruv, we solve all of those issues by bringing trusted, world class advisors and resources, traditionally reserved for big businesses, to businesses like yours. We are the only consultants you will ever need.

Kevin Harrington & Jason Garey

When a business is built around the BUSINESS ENTERPRISE VALUE, success rates soar. Let empruV be your partner in securing your business and your future.

Who We Are

We have over 300 degreed and certified business-building consultants who have significant financial management backgrounds running multi-million dollar companies. All consultants have superior business acumen.

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What We Do

We provide business owners measurable results by increasing revenue, reducing expenses, supplanting resources, providing world class advisory, implementing changes, and monitoring ongoing progress.

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Our Mission

Bring affordable advisory, resources, and services together under one roof so that small businesses can finally access the same opportunities normally reserved for larger companies.

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Steps To Building Value


The first order of business is to discover the 18 value drivers, or what we consider the gears, that make your business tick: Growth, Brand, Leadership, Competition, to name only a few. We evaluate and measure strength and durability around each value driver. We are able to gain insight into your operational strength and identify the underperforming value drivers, creating what we call your Value Gap.

Engage & Assess

Once you engage our services we begin to take a much deeper dive, providing you with more clarity than you can achieve while immersed in day-to-day operations. From here, we work with you to prioritize your efforts and maximize your time by focusing on areas that will provide the greatest returns in the shortest amount of time.

Plan, Implement and Track

Now it is time for us to begin building value by creating a strategic roadmap and achieving the goals that, together, we have identified for your company. We then measure and track everything with our technology so we know exactly what is being achieved, what to do next, and how much our efforts are actually increasing the Enterprise Value of your company. From here we are able to enjoy the collective fruits of our labor in increasing this value together.

18 Value Drivers of a Business

Build Value Now
Market Size Brand Human Resources
Market Share Margin Management
Revenue Company Legal
Barrier Marketing Customers
Differentiation Operations Innovation
Financial Satisfaction Competition

Are you building a JOB or a BUSINESS

empruV's value creation services subscribe to the premise that you must know what your exit strategy is to determine the choices and direction that will get you there. That said, even if you plan on building a legacy business, or being acquired by a larger company, it is still advised that you focus on the eventual sale of your business as an alternative exit strategy. Subsequently, it is IMPERATIVE that you position your business to attract investors who are seeking an absentee ownership arrangement.

Whether your buyer ends up being an owner/operator or a hands off investor, the ability to remove you, or any owner, from the equation is critical. If your business is not set up to operate in and of itself without your continuous involvement, then we highly encourage you to take advantage of our complimentary strategy session to get an idea of the estimated value of your business, what areas could use attention, and what the estimated value of your business would be if those areas are addressed.

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